Wrecking Ball  (multi-use unit)

​Can also be used as a JOUST or just for bouncing.​​

Magic Jump has created a fun and exciting Wrecking

Ball inflatable game that will have you and your friends

rocking  and dodging with fun. This inflatable Wrecking

Ball game  offers riders a number of challenges, including

balancing yourself on a pedestal while dodging the wrecking

ball. The purpose of the game is to be the last rider left

standing  on your pedestal. The soft wrecking ball dangling

in the middle of you and your 3 opponents will get tossed

around  from one to another as you try to knock off your

opponent. See if you have what it takes to win the Wrecking

Ball game.  Size 20x20x17.  No more than 600 pounds

(4-5 people at a time)

Residential: $250
Non-Profit/Small Event: $300
Large Event: $400

Obstacle Courses

These inflatable play structures come in 32' with slide or 38' feet, and

can be connected to make our 70' Dynamic Duo or 100’ Extreme Rush

courses. Our Obstacle Courses challenges participants with crawl-through tunnels, a wall of inflated columns to push through followed by a similar horizontal challenge. Once cleared through the obstacles, the obstacle

course opens up for a race up the climbing wall and ensuing slide down

to the finish. The red, blue and yellow themed jumper is sure to stand

out at any backyard party as a major attraction for attendees.  The

features of the structures provide participants with a fun environment

to build on physical activity, healthy competition and maneuvering agility.  The capacity for the all Obstacle Courses is no more than two riders at a time. 

(No more than 400 pounds).  Delivery and Set-up Included - Surcharges may apply*

32' Obstacle Course with slide

Residential: $250
Non-Profi/Small Eventt: $300
Large Event: $500

38' Obstacle Course
Residential: $250
Non-Profit/Small Event: $300
Large Event: $500

70' Dynamic Duo with Slide
Residential: $500
Non-Profit/Small Event: $600
Large Event: $800

100' Extreme Rush with 2 Slides
Residential: $750
Non-Profit/Small Event: $900
Large Event: $1100

The Gladiator Joust Ring is designed to get older kids and adults into the game. It features two built-in dueling platforms for a jousting game and is built durable and safe enough for commercial use. It inflates quickly, includes two joust poles, two platforms and makes your summer festival a blast. Without the joust poles, this inflatable is perfect for the little ones. They can experience moon-like gravity as they circle around the center. For young or old, the Joust/Moonwalk is perfect addition to any party!Dimensions: 21'(L) x 21'(W) x 8'(H)

Residential: $250
Non-Profit/Small Event: $300
Large Event: $400

Waterslide (Wet or Dry)
When the weather gets hot and everyone wants to cool

off, there is no better way to do so than with a quality

Water Slide from Jamestown Inflatable Games.  The

Water Slide is a rear entry slide that guides riders up a

wall to the top of an eight foot tall slide. Both climb

and slide walls are made safer with high inflatable walls.

For extra fun, the Water Slide ends with a pool for riders

to slide into. If used as a dry slide, the pool pit can be

used as a ball pit, instead. This ride is simple in design,

but certainly allows for tons of fun at any party or event. 

Dimensions  33'(L) x 9'(W) x 14'(H)Slide platform height: 8 feet.

Residential: $225
Non-Profit/Small Event; $275
Large Event: $400

Sports Combo
The Sports Combo features a 13'x13' bounce house that includes a basketball hoop for extra fun activity and features a 6-foot tall exit slide. The Sports Combo is decorated as a sports arena and features decoration for four major sports. It is sure to have a little something for every athlete to enjoy. This combo unit is an entertaining way for young and old alike to enjoy physical activity.  Be ready with a Sports Combo Unit for any season opener.  The capacity for the Sports Combo Unit is as follows:  Ages 7 and under—5 to 6 riders; Ages 7 to 12—4 riders; Ages 12 and up—2 rides.  (No more than 600 pounds).Dimensions: 13'(L) x 13'(W) x 16'(H)

Residential: $175
Non-Profit/Small Event: $225
Large Event: $400

Castle Bounce House
This Castle Bounce House is recognized by everyone, whether they have enjoyed one themselves, rented one for a party, or simply seen one set up for a neighborhood party. The design of the Castle Bounce House is made to spark that sense of familiarity and recognition of a fun product. Any bounce house is a fun way to encourage physical activity among young and old alike, the 13'x13'x16’ castle provides a familiar environment for up to four people to enjoy it in. The castle is designed with its traditional yellow, red and blue color theme. Be sure to have a Castle bounce house as an attraction for any event, it is sure to satisfy. The capacity for the Castle Bounce House is as follows: Ages 7 and under—5 to 6 riders; Ages 7 to 12—4 riders; Ages 12 and up—2 rides. (No more than 600 pounds).Dimensions: 13'(L) x 13'(W) x 16'(H)

Residential: $150
Non-Profit/Small Event: $175
Large Event: $250

Giraffe Bounce House
Why go‏ to the zoo when the zoo can come to you? This is a very attractive ride that extends 16 feet in height, making it easy to spot from anywhere. Its natural color scheme is bright and beautiful. The Giraffe is a 13'x13’x16’ bounce house with enough space for up to six riders to enjoy. Everyone can enjoy hours of entertainment and exercise in the Giraffe, it is guaranteed fun for all. The capacity for the Giraffe Bounce House is as follows: Ages 7 and under—5 to 6 riders; Ages 7 to 12—4 riders; Ages 12 and up—2 rides. (No more than 600 pounds.Dimensions: 13'(L) x 13'(W) x 16'(H)

Residential: $150
Non-Profit/Small Event: $175
Large Event: $250

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