Limited Time Offer!
Fall Extravaganza Ticket Discount! Double the APPRECIATION!
We appreciate YOU and your support of the Jamestown Fall Inflatable Extravaganza

and the Jamestown Frontier League Fast Pitch Softball teams.

Redeem up to TWO Fall Inflatable Extravaganza tickets for each bounce-house rented!

That is $30.00 off a single bounce house rental!
Discount available through October 31, 2016.  Excludes toddler tunnel.

Package Deals

Available April 1 through October 1, 2016


Weekday Special!                        Save $50 per Game!

Offer includes the Castle, Giraffe, Sports Combo and Ice Castle
Mondays through Thursdays only. Jamestown City Limits Only. Surcharges may apply*

Three's the Charm!                      10% Off!
Rent Three or More Inflatables!

Does not include Toddler Tunnels. Percentage Discounts do not inlcude mileage. Surcharges may apply*

The Dynamic Deal!                                  Save up to $250!            

Includes: Dynamic Duo, Joust, Castle, and Waterslide!  

Price Prorated if an inflatable is not available. Surcharges may apply*.

Residential: $950 (Save $150!)        

Non-Profit/Small Event: $1150 (Save $175!)      
Large Event: $1600 (Save $250!)

The Titanic Deal!                         Save up to $275!          
Includes: Extreme Rush, Joust, Ice Castle, Giraffe and Waterslide?

Price Prorated if an inflatable is not available. Surcharges may apply*.

Residential: $1400 (Save $150!) 

Non-Profit/Small Event: $1700 (Save $175!)

Large Event: $2500 (Save $275!)